Independent Kindergym : 4-5 yr old

Independent Kindergym : 4-5 yr old

Tumblebears :4-5 yr old

Our TumbleBears program offers your pre-school child a more formal independent learning and exploration of their fine and gross motor co-ordination in readiness for the prep year at school.The basics of gymnastics are taught such as forward rolls, handstands, cartwheels combined with some free play and exploratory time. As children participate on their own, their self confidence and social skills are constantly evolving.

Like our Pit-a-Pats program, the overall aim is for children to achieve success, raise self confidence and motor coordination, whilst participating in a variety of fun and interesting gymnastics and/or circus activities.

Tumblebears runs concurrently but separately to our 2-4 year old program, providing a safe and happy environment for more than one member of the family at the same time.

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