Parent Assisted Kindergym :2-4 yr old

Parent Assisted Kindergym :2-4 yr old

Pit-a-Pats : 2-4 yr old

Pit-a-Pats is a pre-school gymnastics program designed to cater for the needs of 2-4 year old children.

Our coaches are trained and have a specific “Kindergym” accreditation with Gymnastics Australia.

The Pit-a-Pats program is a parent participation program where the emphasis is on having fun with mum and dad, whilst at the same time improving body control through movement experiences relevant to their development.
A wide variety of gross motor skills are taught such as swing, spring, rock, roll, jump and landing. Gross motor activities help with developing young children’s overall balance, coordination, strength and locomotion.

We also include fine motor activities such as finger plays, puzzles and threading using bean bags, blocks, hoops, balls, ropes, beads, ribbons etc. These are all important skills to prepare them for kindergarten and school. Incorporation of music, dance and themes enhances the experience for the children.

The equipment layout is changed every two weeks to provide an ever changing challenging and stimulating safe environment for your children. This is a one hour class, once per week.


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