BlogMG BTYC Invitational 20/10/13

MG BTYC Invitational 20/10/13

Last Sunday we had all the boys compete in an out of season competition to try out their new routines which they won’t need in till next year. All the boys put out an outstanding performance. We may have been missing skills and making small errors due to lack of routine experience but we still looked great and picked up a massive amount of awards.

Level 3

Elliot Corcoran finished 15th and Max Kelly finished 16th, both having a great competition against large group of 33 boys and achieving a silver medal for their overall score.

Level 4

Lachlan Bowden finished 4th on Pommel and 5th on Rings and High Bar.

Oscar Evans scored a perfect 10.5 out of 10.5 winning Vault and finished 6th on Pommel.

Jackson Kelly and Jeremy Famer also had a fantastic competition and contributed to the team score, which placed 3rd overall.

Level 5

Oliver Ryan won Pommel, Rings, Vault and Pbars and placing 1st place overall with a massive 57.2!

Samuel Jackson finished 3rd overall, 2nd on Pommel, Rings and Vault, 4th on High Bar, 5th on Pbars and 6th on Floor.

Thomas Kelly finished 5th overall, winning High Bar and placing 2nd on rings, 3rd on Pommel and 4th on Floor.

Jack Robertson finished 6th overall, 4th on Vault and Pbars, and 5th on Pommel.

Harley Grech finished 9th overall and placed 5th on Rings.

The Level 5 Team finished in 1st place leading by a massive 12 points!

Level 6

Nathan Chan finished 2nd overall winning Pommel and placing 2nd on Vault and High Bar, 4th on Pbars, and 5th on Floor and Rings.

Bo Danelutti finished in 6th overall (without competing Floor) winning High Bar and placing 2nd on Pbars, 3rd on Vault, 4th on Rings and 5th on Pommel.

Massive congratulations to the all boys, as well as their Coaches Chris, Kevin, Adrian, Corey and Matt.

We are all very excited about next year’s competition season! Well done Boys!

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