BlogMG level 2&3 Victorian Championships – BTYC 22/5/2011

MG level 2&3 Victorian Championships – BTYC 22/5/2011

WOW is all I can say for a fantastic result at Victorian Championships held at BTYC for the Level 2 & 3 boys on Sunday 22/5/2011. Results as follows:

2 under

Jack Robertson achieved a 3rd on P.Bars with a fantastic 8th overall in the state out of 39 competitors, well done Jack. Oscar had a solid day and achieved a great result of 15th overall out of the 39 competitors….well done boys.

3 under

WOW WOW WOW…..Nathan Chan……well done. 1st overall, 1st pommell, 1st Rings, 2nd Floor & 4th Vault  Well done Nathan on being Victorian Champion 2011 for MG Level 3-under…….well done Nathan…you deserve it. Oliver Ryan crawled out of bed so as to compete at the event after being sick for the past week and still managed a very respectable result of 16th overall out of 31 competitors…well done Oliver… atitude like that will serve you well…, Anthony Tomazic competed as well on the day…well done Anthony for your efforts. Good on you boys for a great result.

3 open

Benson Harvey achieved a 3rd on Pommell and a 5th on Rings with a fantastic result of 5th overall out of 36 competitors….well done Benson on a great result.

As you can see we have had a very pleasing result for the 2011 MG level 2&3 Victorian Championships. Well done to all the boys that competed. Keep up the hard work.


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