BlogMG Trial 1 – BTYC 4+5 May 2013

MG Trial 1 – BTYC 4+5 May 2013

Our MG boys competed over the weekend at the Victorian Championship Qualifiers at BTYC. This is the first of 2 qualifiers that our boys will compete at prior to competing at the Victorian Championships over the Queens Birthday weekend………………and once again……………..FANTASTIC RESULTS have been achieved.

Level 3 under:

Lachlin Bowden – Go Lachie….GO – 3rd overall with 3rd on Rings & Pommel.

Oscar Evans – 5th overall – with 1st on P/Bars & 1st on High Bar…WOW what a result Oscar…keep it up.

Jeremy Farmer – a strong 12th out of 48 competitors….well done Jeremy.

Ranger Ferre-Watts & Elliot Corcoran both had a good comp with consistant scores…well done boys…keep up the good work.

Level 3 Over:

Levi Gilbee – Had a consistant day with a good result on Pommel….keep working hard Levi.

Our level 3 teams result was FANTASTIC to say the least….a great 4th out of 13 teams with only just over 2.5 points between us and 2nd…watch out VICS.

Level 4 under:

Jack Robertson – a great 9th overall with a 2nd on Pommel…Well done Jack.

Level 4 Over:

Oliver Ryan achieved an amazing 1st overall out of 39 competitors with 1st on P/bars, 3rd on Pommel & Rings & 4th on Floor…WOW Oliver keep the great work up.

Harley Grech – achieved 18th overall with a great 2nd on Pommel with strong results across the board..well done Harley.

Level 5 Unders:

Nathan Chan – 5th overall with 2nd on Pommel and strong results across the board…keep working hard Nathan.

Bo Danelutti – 8th Overall with 2nd on High Bar…well done Bo…consistancy is the answer.

Max Brown – 10th overall…well done Max for a good day…keep working hard.

Level 5 Over:

Benson Harvey – Wow Benson…4th overall with a 2nd on floor…what a great result…..hard work pays off.

Our level 5 boys with Chris Downie

So once again our MG program is reaping the rewards of all the hard work the boys put in and the great work from Chris, Kevin, Matthew, Adrian & Corey…thanks crew.

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