BlogMG Vic Trial #1 BTYC 7+8/5/2011

MG Vic Trial #1 BTYC 7+8/5/2011

What a busy weekend of competition we have had. Our level 2,3,4 & 6 boys competed at BTYC this weekend for trials for Vics & Nationals. Firstly I would like to congratulate all of the boys that competed over the course of the weekend for the great effort and hard work that they have all put in. A brief summary as follows:

2Under – Oscar achieved 4th on Floor & High Bar with a 9th overall…well done Oscar, Jack Robertson once again had a solid and consistent day….good on you Jack

3Under – Once again Nathan Chan has blitzed the field with a 1st on Vault and P/Bars, 2nd on Rings, 3rd on Pommel and 4th on High Bar with a fantastic 1st Overall WOW Nathan well done. Alongside Nathan we had Oliver Ryan and Anthony Tomazic once again competing well and consistently.

4Under – All of our boys, Bo Danelutti, Max Brown & Sinan Sorial competed solidy and consistently and all qualified for Vics. Well done boys. Joshua Karslake in the 4Open division had a good day with some solid scores….well done Josh.

6Under – WOW is all I can say about our 6Under boys, Fergus Macdonald scored 1st on rings, 1st on PBars, 3rd on Floor & HBar and 4th on Pommel & Vault with a amazing 1st overall. Riley Brown scored solidly and consistently throughout the comp…well done Riley.

Our boys have been doing an outstanding job so far this comp season….so lets give them some support and get behind them for Vics on Queens Birthday weekend.

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