BlogOn the BALANCE Beam with … Anthony!

On the BALANCE Beam with … Anthony!

Anthony sm


All About Me:

I am currently completing Year 12 at Eltham High; when I’m not studying or coaching I fill my time with drawing and playing piano. I have a cat, Leon – he is so BIG!

What Do You Do At BALANCE?

I coach and instruct anybody who wants to learn, and some who don’t want to.


Favourite Apparatus ~ Uneven Bars

Favourite Body Part to Stretch ~ Legs

Favourite Strength Exercise ~ Push Up Claps

Favourite Tumble ~ Blackout

Favourite Game to Play ~ Elimination

Favourite Day of the Week ~ All days have the potential to be both good and bad

Favourite Chocolate ~ Dark Chocolate 70% cocoa

Favourite Colour ~ White

Favourite Song/Band ~ Mighty Mighty Bosstones – Impression That I Get

Favourite Food ~ Sushi

What Are You Passionate About?

Music, architecture, art and maintaining friendships

What Is Your Goal for 2011?

Pass Year 12 and get into Uni while continuing a fine juggling act of school, work, fun and sleep.

Words of Wisdom?

“Life is like a grapefruit: it’s orange, squishy, has pips in it, and some people have half of one for breakfast.” ~ Douglas Adams. I love the quizzical looks people give when they try to understand the brilliant wit of this quote.

Thanks, Anthony!

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