BlogOn the BALANCE Beam with … Belinda Haywood aka BJ

On the BALANCE Beam with … Belinda Haywood aka BJ

What do you do at BALANCE?

I coach Junior Gymasts, State Levels 4-10 and the National Stream.

All About ME:

I have a fabulous family: parents, 2 brothers, a sister and 2 awesome sons, and 2 Siamese Cats – Mia and Kody.

I’ve travelled to Tasmania for competition as a 17 year old (placing 23rd overall in the Tasi Championships), and enjoyed a ‘road trip’ style vacation to Western Australia.

My hobbies are all about Health and Fitness ~ I did Calisthenics as a child then went on to do Artistic Gymnastics in Year 7.  I trained and competed to Level National 9.  I retired at 19 and took up coaching which I have done for over 20 years;

~ After high school, I completed Levels 1 & 2 Coaches Accreditation for Gymnastics and, more recently, I have studied Certificates III & IV in Fitness.  This allows me to be a Gym Instructor and a Personal Trainer.

Favourite Things About Gymnastics:

Favourite Apparatus ~ Vault and Bars (as a gymnast); all apparatus for mygymnasts!

Favourite Body Part to Stretch ~ my back!  For my Gymnasts: middle splits

Favourite Strength Exercise ~ ‘Core Body’ work is vital!  This supports the back and every move in gymnastics.  Rope Climb, too, as it proves to me dedication!

Favourite Technique ~ Find that Inner Drive.  Develop Self Worth and Doing it For Yourself

Favourite Game ~ I enjoy games which involve Teamwork, Team Leading and Confidence Building – Healthy competition with simple fast fun!

Favourites In Life:

Favourite Day of the Week ~ Monday

Favourite Chocolate ~ Rocky Road, Dark Chocolate with Nuts – lots of nuts!

Favourite Colour ~ Pink, Purple, Orange

Favourite Song/Band ~ Freefallin’, happiness, Eminem, Pink

Favourite Foods ~ Salad of any kind, fruit, tomatoes, icy poles … Survival Packs in Back Packs: Muesli, sakatas, vegemite roll and an apple

Favourite Movies ~ Flashdance/The Matrix/Fast & Furious/8 Degrees Below/Man from Snowy River

Favourite Celebrities ~ Gwyneth Paltrow, Sandra Bullock, Calista Flockheart, Paul Walker, Denzel Washington, Morgan Freeman, Robin Williams, Vin Diesal, Julia Roberts, Richard Gere

Favourite Time of Day ~ First thing in the morning and last thing at night.

What are you Passionate About?

Bringing out the best in others, looking at the positives, appreciating the simple things in life.  Health, happiness and self worth.

What is your Goal for 2011?

To provide the best gym experience for the girls I coach.

To utilise the personal training course I did last year, providing people with knowledge of health and fitness, of the body and the mind.

Wisdom from BJ …

I have taken Kindergym through to gymnasts on State Victorian Teams .. Taking all these classes is rewarding.  I never stop learning from each and every individual I meet.

I believe in zoning in and training on each individual’s potential … bringing out the best in them.  I find this encourages Great Achievements.


Thanks, BJ!!

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