BlogOn the BALANCE Beam with … Cam!

On the BALANCE Beam with … Cam!

All About Me:

I have played volleyball overseas and at the AIS.  I now coach and play at the state level.  I lived in Canada for 12 months.


What Do You Do At BALANCE?

I am working as a Myotherapist and helping the gymnasts with injuries and improving performance.



Favourite Apparatus ~ Ummm? The bars look like fun! Laughing

Favourite Body Part to Stretch ~ I need to improve all flexibility!! So, all stretches.

Favourite Strength Exercise ~ Chin Ups

Favourite Tumble ~ Forward Roll

Favourite Technique ~ Deep Tissue Massage

Favourite Game to Play ~ Volleyball

Favourite Day of the Week ~ Sunday !! No work, can relax

Favourite Chocolate ~ All Chocolate

Favourite Colour ~ Blue

Favourite Song/Band ~ 3am piano accoustic, Matchbox 20

Favourite Food ~ Pizza or Roast Lamb

Favourite Movie ~  Step Brothers or Shawshank Redemption

Favourite Celebrity ~ Shane Warne

Favourite Time of Day ~ Dinner Time


What Are You Passionate About?

I’m passionate about health and fitness.  It’s important to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle.


What Are Your Goals for 2011?

Build a successful business and help lots of people.


Words Of Wisdom?

Harden Up!


Thanks, Cam!

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