BlogOn the BALANCE Beam with … Casey!

On the BALANCE Beam with … Casey!


All About Me:

I did gym for 9 years (PIT Gymnastics Research, HPC PIT Gymnastics Mill Park).  I have 2 older brothers, Matt & Sean, two cats named Mexico and TC.  I am currently in Year 12, and hope to study Communications majoring in Film, at RMIT.

What Do You Do at BALANCE?

I coach Young Juniors and Tumblers classes as well as take Birthday Parties.


Favourite Apparatus ~ Floor

Favourite Body Part to Stretch ~ Back

Favourite Strength Exercise ~ Scoop = Tuck Snaps

Favourite Tumble ~ Round Off Back Flip – Back Sault

Favourite Game to Play ~ Foam Block Volcano

Favourite Day of the Week ~ Friday (whole weekend ahead)

Favourite Chocolate ~ Cadbury

Favourite Colour ~ Purple

Favourite Song/Band ~ Float On – Modest Mouse (band)

Favourite Food ~ Italian – pasta

Favourite Movie ~ Fight Club

Favourite Time of Day ~ 1.00pm – Lunch Time Laughing

What Are You Passionate About?

Exercise – gymnastics

Film & Television


What is Your Goal for 2011?

To have a great time doing the things I love.

Words of Wisdom?

You don’t have time in life to worry about the small things, just have fun (safely).


Thanks, Casey!


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