BlogOn the BALANCE Beam with … Kathryn!

On the BALANCE Beam with … Kathryn!


All About Me:

I’ve been coaching since I was 16.  My hobbies mainly revolve around around sport and exercise.  I competed in gym ’til Level 7.  I have 2 kids – Zane and Rylee.  No pets at the moment but have had dogs.  I am always at the gym so not much chance to travel.   I have a Bachelor in Applied Science in Physical Education.  I taught secondary PE for 9 years.

What Do You Do At BALANCE?

I coach International IDP Level 2 ~ 15 hours a week.


Favourite Apparatus: Beam

Favourite Body Part to Stretch:  My Back

Favourite Strength Exercise:  Anything that hurts

Favourite Tumble:  r/o flip back layout

Favourite Technique:  Freddo Frog for achieving skills

Favourite Game to Play:  Competitive Coaches don’t play games!

Favourite Chocolate:  Twirl but I don’t eat it often

Favourite Colour:  Blue

Favourite Song/Band:  Katy Perry

Favourite Food:  Pasta

Favourite Movie:  Anything Funny

Favourite Celebrity:  Matthew McCauhenny

Favourite Time of Day:  When all the kids & gymnasts are asleep ~ quiet time

What Are You Passionate About?

Kids achieving their goals and improving self-esteem.


What is Your Goal for 2011?

To survive!!

Words of Wisdom?

Suck it up princess!  Or ‘get up you’ll be fine’


Thanks, Kathryn!

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