BlogOn the BALANCE Beam with … Mary Hubball

On the BALANCE Beam with … Mary Hubball

What Do You Do at BALANCE?

I am head of the Recreational Stream and I Judge WAG Gymnastics.

All About Me:

I have no gym experience but I was a competitive swimmer and I now play competitive tennis, twice a week.  In my family, I have 2 daughters, Sophie and Emma, and husband, Deane.  We have 2 dogs Lilly ~ a Red Australian Cattle Dog ~ and Max ~ a Blue Australian Cattle Dog.  I have travelled most of Asia and the Pacific, and some of the USA and Europe.

Favourite Things in Life and Gymnastics:

Apparatus: Floor

Day of the Week:  Tuesday

Chocolate: Cadbury

Colour: Blue

Song/Band: Katy Perry

Food:  Italian

Movie:  Harry Potter

Time of Day:  7-9pm when the kids are in bed

What are you Passionate About?

Making sure my kids are happy and always enjoying what they are doing.

What is your goal for 2011 (aka Wisdom from Mary)?

Always be happy as life is short.

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