BlogOn the BALANCE Beam with … Mikayla Riley

On the BALANCE Beam with … Mikayla Riley

All About Me:

I currently live in Mt Martha and coach at the Mornington Gymnastics Club, where I coach Levels 2B and 5B.  I have been coaching there for 9 years, but will be moving to Ringwood later this year, which is why I came to BALANCE.

I am currently completing the Level 2 Coaching Course, and I am also an Advanced WAG Judge. 

I studied a Bachelor of Science with a major in Psychology at Monash University part time for 5 years, but I am taking a break at the moment to coach more hours at the gym.

What do You Do at BALANCE?

I am coaching the new 1A group, Kinder Flippers (Wednesday & Friday), Tumblebears (Wednesday), and the 2B group (Friday).


Favourite Apparatus ~  Beam

Favourite Body Part to Stretch ~ Back (bridge)

Favourite Strength Exercise ~ Leg lifts and press to handstand

Favourite Tumble ~ Handspring Front Sault

Favourite Game to Play ~ Dead Fish (so nice and quiet Wink)

Favourite Day of the Week ~ Sunday (my day off)

Favourite Chocolate ~ Caramello

Favourite Colour ~ Pink

Favourite Song/Band ~ John Mayer, The Kooks, Rhianna

Favourite Food ~ Spaghetti Bolognaise and Sushi

Favourite Time of Day ~ Bed Time

What are You Passionate About?

Trying your best and never giving up.

What is your Goal for 2011?

To learn more about the IDP program, do the IDP Judge’s Course and encourage everyone I coach to LOVE Gym as much as I do! Smile


Thanks, Mikayla!

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