BlogOn the BALANCE Beam with … Paul B!

On the BALANCE Beam with … Paul B!


All About Me:

Used to Dive and Roller Blade but gave that up; had kids.  Brought them to BALANCE, had more fun than them.  Now I’m still here and they can’t get me away.


What Do You Do At BALANCE?

Kindergym, Rec, School/Kinder Groups ~ coaching



Favourite Apparatus ~ Rope Swing & Wizzy Dizzy (don’t tell Jeni or Ola)

Favourite Body Part to Stretch ~ Anything that doesn’t hurt

Favourite Strength Exercise ~ How many reps in one minute with helium balloons

Favourite Tumble ~  Egg Roll

Favourite Game to Play ~  Parachute Games; Warm Up – Hokey Pokey

Favourite Chocolate ~ Lindt

Favourite Colour ~  Navy Blue & White (Go Cats!)

Favourite Song/Band ~  A mix between Spiderbait, Smashing Pumpkins, Hi 5, INXS, with a touch of Wiggles, Beastie Boys and Birds of Tokyo

Favourite Food ~  Mexican (yum!)

Favourite Celebrity ~  It’s between Men in Tights and Sponge Bob (close call)

Faviourite Time of Day ~ Sleep (If I get any)


What Are You Passionate About?

Family and the kids I coach (including the school groups or parties)


What Is Your Goal for 2011?

Less Kitchen, more Gym


Words of Wisdom?

2 min noodles are not a snack, they’re an experience if cooked properly.


Thanks, Paul!


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