BlogOn the BALANCE Beam with … Shashwat (“Sash”)!

On the BALANCE Beam with … Shashwat (“Sash”)!


All About Me:

I love Gymnastics.  I have more than 15 years of experience in practising and competing in Gymnastics; more than 5 years of experience in coaching.  Besides this, I love playing games on PS and X Box; love to travel with my family and friends.


What Do You Do At BALANCE?

Artistic Gymnastics Coach and Yoga Teacher



Favourite Apparatus ~ Rings

Favourite Body Part to Stretch ~ Legs

Favourite Strength Exercise ~ T on Rings (Cross)

Favourite Tumble ~ Front to Front to Front and so on

Favourite Technique ~ Tipplett

Favourite Game ~ Soccer

Favourite Chocolate ~ Ferrero Rocher

Favourite Colour ~ Blue

Favourite Song/Band ~ “Like it’s her birthday”

Favourite Food ~ Burgers

Favourite Movie ~ Saw (all parts)

Favourite Celebrity ~ Anne Hathaway

Favourite Time of Day ~ 11pm (sleep time)


What Are You Passionate About?

Gymnastics, Video Games, Bikes and Cars


What Is Your Goal For 2011?

Compete in Gymnastics, study and to get a highly paid job as an Accountant; and Balance Gymnastics Coach. Laughing


Words Of Wisdom?

“You never win Silver, you loose Gold.”


Thanks, Sash!

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