BlogStorm Damage report #1

Storm Damage report #1

Storm Damage progress report #1:

Yesterday the insurance claims and issues were all sorted out and we are set to go. The cleaners arrived today and commenced the task of extracting water from the upstairs area and made plans for the gym floor. The carpets have been removed upstairs and the drying process commenced. Tomorrow (Thursday) is the big day….15 workers come in to remove all the competition floor and all associated matting around the gym as well all of our pit foam and put it into rubbish skips…thats right all to be thrown out and all new competition floor, pit foam and matting throughout….can’t wait to see it all. We are still waiting for the builders to arrive and commence repairs to the office/reception area. It will be a long process but all worth while. We haven’t received confirmation as yet but they may be removing the entire roof of the gym and we may be getting a new one of those as well……boy oh boy…what a Christmas Day it was. We will keep you updated as things progress….all things being equal we will have a new facility all up and going for the beggining of term 1…..can’t wait.

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