BlogStorm Damage report #2

Storm Damage report #2

Storm Damage progress report #2 29/12/2011 2.30pm.

Boy oh boy what a day it has been today. We have had over a dozen workers in the gym doing a complete strip out……..I have to admit that I had some sad moments watching these guys simply pull our precious gym apart and dismantle our floor with circular saws…..anyway enough of the sooky stuff. The gym has been stripped back to the slab and the drying process is well under way. The rubbish skips arrive soon and we get to wave good-bye to the old and in the next week or so say hello to the new. The builders come in this afternoon and commence repairs including the measure up of the new roof as well as the logistics of craning off the air-con units then removing and re-instating it all………I don’t envy them for one second…that is a big job. Acromat have confirmed that all our new floor and padding will be available by the time we need it…phew…what a relief. Any way the next few days of reports will be quiet as the next thing is to let all of the equipment do its work and remove all the moisture from the building. PS: as I write this there is 12 grown men in our foam pits having a ball and emptying them out at the same time….well someone has to enjoy themselves. Keep ya posted…Paul.

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