BlogStorm Damage report #6

Storm Damage report #6

Storm Damage report #6

Wow it’s all coming together. The gym is looking great. All of the new equipment is starting to arrive, we had a 40′ shipping container full of equipment arrive from Acromat on Friday with some of our new equipment. The trucks have started arriving with our new pit foam….all 28,000 blocks of it. The next trucks arrive Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday. It appears that all of the equipment will be here on time and we will be OPEN AND READY FOR BUSINESS ON MONDAY THE 30TH OF JANUARY. At times I’ve thought that we wouldn’t make it but it is all piecing together quite well (at the moment anyway….we all know Murphy’s law…if it can go wrong, it will go wrong). I’m looking forward to the first night of training and looking down at all the kids in our new facility. Should be a good sight. Anyway thats it for now, i’ll keep you posted later in the week. Regards Paul.

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