BlogVictorian Championships 2013 – MG results

Victorian Championships 2013 – MG results

WOW is all we can say about the fantastic results achieved by all of our gymnasts at the recent Victorian Championships held over the course of the Queens Birthday long weekend at the State Netball & Hockey Centre, Parkville. The event was held over the four days of the long weekend with podium training on the Friday for our high level IDP girls and competition all day Saturday, Sunday & Monday. And what a spectacle it was, if you weren’t there you missed out on some fantastic gymnasts “doing their stuff”. Our Level 3,4 & 5 boys as well as our IDP 3,5 & Junior girls competed and achieved some amazing results. Other than the obvious joy and enjoyment of our kids doing so well, the other highlight of the weekend was watching the MG level 9,10, Junior & Senior as well as the WG IDP 10, Junior & Senior gymnasts competing, WOW what a spectacle watching the best this country has to offer absolutely pushing the boundaries of their abilities and displaying some amazing skills……the senior men were absolutely craaaazzzyyyy. Any way enough of that, the results are as follows:

MG Level 3under:

Lachlan Bowden achieved First on Pommel  and a amazing 3rd on high bar in his finals. Well done Lachlan for being the best Level 3 under Pommel practioner in Victoria.

Jeremy Farmer – Fantastic Jeremy, 4th on floor and great results across the board. Well done for a good comp. season.

MG Level 4 under:

Jack Robertson – achieved a fantastic Second place on vault and a great 6th overall. Well done Jack, good work.

MG Level 4 Open:

Oh my, Oliver Ryan you star……..1st all round in Victoria man oh man check this out. 1st on floor, 3rd on Pommel, 4th on rings, 1st on P/Bars & 2nd on High bar. Well done Oliver, you have worked hard and deserve to be awarded the best Level 4 open Gymnast in Victoria.

Harley Grech – 10th All round placing with a 4th on Vault & 4th on Pbars, you deserve a good pat on the back Harley, you have really improved throughout the year and deserve this solid result. Well done.

MG Level 5 under:

Nathan Chan – 8th Place all round (what a great result) with a 2nd on Pommel, and strong results on all other apparatus. Well done Nathan to another good year.

Bo Danelutti – Wow Bo you have really stepped up to the mark this year with a great 9th overall and medalling on the following with a 2nd on High Bar and a 3rd on Pommel. You deserve the great result for all the hard work that you have put in this year.

Max Brown – Max achieved a solid 14th overall with solid results on all apparatus. Well done Max.

MG level 5 over:

Benson Harvey – Achieved a great 10th overall with strong consistant results on all apparatus. Well done for competing so well over the weekend.

MG level 5 over team:

This year we combined our level 5 under boys with Benson (who is Level 5 over) to compete as a Level 5 Over team and the boys achieved a awesome 3rd team overall. Well done boys.

So this brings us to the end of another MG comp season. Keep training hard boys and reach for the stars.

Remember that if you want it bad enough, work for it hard enough……it can be yours.

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