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At Balance Gymnastics we offer a
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Our TumbleBears program offers your pre-school child a more formal independent learning and exploration of their fine and gross motor co-ordination in readiness for the prep year at school.

Play is a vital component of a child’s development, and has been shown to be directly correlated to being successful once commencing at school.

Pit-a-Pats is a pre-school gymnastics program designed to cater for the needs of 2-4 year old children.

Tumblers are recreational classes with several streams for Girls and Boys.

Our Gymstar level 1&2 program is a 2 hour class that is perfect for any child between the age of 8 and 14 with little or no gymnastics experience.

Participants learn all aspects and disciplines of gymnastics at the State, National and International Gymnastics levels.

Our extreme class is designed to be simply that, EXTREME! It caters for boys aged approximately 10-14 years old with 10-11 year olds in Beginner Extreme and 12-14 years olds in Intermediate Extreme.

Our Aerial Girls class is a tumbling, acrobatics and trampolining class with a strong emphasis on learning these skills in a fun and safe environment.

Our Adult gymnastic class is a great place for those who have done gym in the past and want to get back to it, or those who have never done gym before.

The 2021 Easter School Holidays are almost upon us! Will the kids be singing the same old song - "I'm bored", "I've got nothing to do". Maybe try our School Holiday program for something different. Fully structured Holiday Program each day from11-12:30 pm and Freeplay each day from 1-3pm. Click here for details.

We can cater for groups from approximately 20 to 55 children. Our staff are fully qualified coaches and also hold a minimum level 1 first aid certificate.

A personal practice that’s right for
you. We offer a free trial for our classes. So why not give it a go?

Balance Gymnastics
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